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Best Time To Ski Breckenridge

Best Time

For Smaller Crowds

Mid Jan &

Best Time To Ski Breckenridge For Smaller Crowds: Breckenridge receives more vistors during the winter than almost any other ski resort in North America. Only Park City and Whistler may be ahead of it. Breck is a big mountian which can spread the crowds out across its acreage and different peaks, but it's still nice to visit the place when it isn't mobbed. Our team has been skiing Breck for 30 year's; we know when to go, and when not to. There are a couple of major rules we try to follow with decreasing our exposure to crowds at Breckendridge.

The first Breckendridge crowd rule: Avoid Saturdays. Breck attracts large numbers of Denver area skiers for a couple of good reasons—No. 1: the ski resort is quite a bit closer to Denver than those resorts on the Epic Pass on the other side of Vail Pass (Vail, Beaver Creek). No. 2: Local Epic Passes that black skiers out or limit their days at Beaver Creek and Vail don't do so at Breckenridge. These conditions can create havoc on otherwise normal Saturdays in the middle of the winter. Keystone suffers from some of the same Epic/Denver fallout, but it still tends to get less swamped that Breck (and there is free parking), so it's a better option on Saturdays. Other good plays on Saturdays in the area: A-Basin, now on the Ikon Pass, and, perhaps the best play: Loveland—it's a great mountain with some of the best snow preservation in Colorado and some good stretches of legitimate steep terrain. Loveland crowds are sparse, and a daily lift ticket is a bargain compared with the bigger Colorado resorts.

Other than the Saturday rule, avoid Breck on President's Day weekend and during height of spring break during the two middle weeks of March. Breck's high elevation can make the place cold in January, but the snow tends to be in its most prime state given the high degree of eastern exposures at the resort.

Best Time

For Lower Costs

1 - 20

Cheapest Time To Ski Breckenridge: Breckenridge is cheaper than some of its Epic Pass brethren such as Vail and Beaver Creek. Lodging options abound in and around town, and there exists an array of options—from monster houses on the slopes, to dated condos at the outskirts of town—that can fit most skiers' budgets. Prices spike at the expected times: holidays and mid-March. Breck often stays open quite a bit later than other Summit County ski resorts, and its snow remains in decent shape well into April in many years. The crowds have died down at this point, and there are tons of very cheap lodging options, which make April an ideal time to get a laid-back Breckenrige vacation on the cheap.

Best Time

To Fly

To Breckenridge

Jan 10 to
Feb 28

Best Time To Fly To Breckenridge: Breckenridge is in something of a tweener zone for airports. It's still a rough drive up from Denver's airport, but it's an hour from the Vail-Eagle airport, which makes justifying the extra cost to fly in to Eagle harder. If the flights are close in price, always err to Eagle, as it's just a smoother experience with easier travel. Most visitors fly to Denver, however. Cheap flights into this United hub are fairly easy to find. Target Sunday mornings and Wednesdays for the cheapest fares. March is the most expensive period for Denver Flights, in general, outside of the Christmas to New Year's period.

Best Time

For Snow

15 - 28

Best Time To Ski Breckenridge For Snow: Breckenridge has a good record of getting the slopes open by Christmas, with an average of 73% open on Dec. 25. Only 15% of winters see the resort being less than 50% open on Christmas. The best time for snow conditions at Breckenridge overall is mid February. The resort's high elevations help counteract its generally low portion of terrain that faces north, at 20%, and the high percentage of terrain that faces east at 60%.

Breckenridge Snow Quality Across Full Winter
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